Brand Philosophy

When we started with the brand Sachajuan the essence was and still is to make haircare uncomplicated.  We are always striving to make our brand simply understood and easy to use.  We have seen so many other brands complicate their vision in an effort to make their line seem more interesting. We believe in the exact opposite.

We want our products to be easy for our consumer to use. Our simplistic and minimal packaging is a direct correlation about how we feel about styling hair. Hair should be beautiful and the beauty of Sachajuan is that it should make everyone’s hair life easier.

The minimalistic design of the Sachajuan line is sprung from brown glass traditional medicine bottles, merged together with the white simplicity and elegancy inspired by the salon.

In 2004, the first Sachajuan Hair Care product range was introduced to the Swedish market, since then the number of products sold has doubled or more every year.

What makes the Sachajuan brand unique and interesting is simplicity and function in perfect harmony with high quality and innovation.

In short – Sachajuan created professional haircare products that are easy to use on any hair type and by anyone. We want our customer to love our products and love their hair. We hope you love them too.

Simply Sachajuan.

Product Idea

Our products are created with what we named ocean silk technology. This technology was developed with sea algae’s, rhodophycea and chronus crisps. These different sea algae’s help boost moisture, shine, and the overall natural beauty your hair. We have chosen the name ocean silk technology to simplify our communication behind what makes Sachajuan unlike any other hair care line.