Rene Furterer

An exclusive method of hair care and massages for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

The Brand Story

Rene Furterer

Fascinated by nature, the French stylist René Furtherer became familiar with the qualities of plants and essential oils early in his childhood.

A pioneer in finding natural solutions for the hair as well as the scalp, he created the first spa for hair in Paris in 1957.

As was the style in the 1950’s, many of his clients had over-bleached and damaged hair in their pursuit to achieve the sought-after Marilyn Monroe look. It was then, René Furterer realized that hair could only be repaired and revitalized from the roots of a healthy scalp.

Thus a new personalized method using natural ingredients to treat both the scalp and hair was born and achieved immediate success.

essential care


Beautiful hair only grows from a healthy scalp. COMPLEXE 5 regenerating plant extract is the quintessential treatment for strengthening hair from the roots. Its unique concentration purifies the scalp and increases its microcirculation for healthy hair. A scalp massage with COMPLEXE 5 is the first step before shampooing to make all René Furterer treatments more effective.

New York

Fashion Week

Entitled “Master and Mischief” the Zimmermann Spring 2016 collection is a study in contrasting elements. Designer Nicky Zimmermann calls the collection “a mix of the conservative and disobedient” and drew inspiration from Ethel Turner’s novel Seven Little Australians, which tells the tale of seven impish children in bushland Australia in the colonial 1880s. To help fully encompass this tone and complete the Zimmerman aesthetic on the runway, visionary hair artist Brent Lawler of Streeters USA inc. was tasked with creating the hair look for this season.


these products were used during the Zimmerman show.


Styling Mousse

Gives structure, volume and strong, long-lasting hold. The mousse gives a natural look.
Fellini Salon


Strong Hold Finishing Hair Spray

This high performing strong hold finishing spray sets hair and holds styles instantly and intensely, while leaving the hair shiny and soft to the touch with no stickiness or flaking.

Fellini Salon

Texture Spray

This invisible, dry texturizing hair spray adds texture, volume, body and shine without weighing hair down or leaving any powdery residue behind.

Fellini Salon